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HP and Lexel's Education solutions deliver meaningful outcomes for students, schools and communities. This range is designed to offer students everywhere, all-the-time access to the content, curricula, and collaboration they need to enable true learning.

Technology Access Program (TAP)

Technology has the power to transform the way we teach and the way we learn and Lexel’s Technology Access Program (TAP) puts that power in your hands.

In our increasingly connected world it is imperative we create and support digitally fluent teachers and students who are taking advantage of new and innovative teaching and learning practices. Learning anywhere and anytime is a fundamental need and all learners need equitable access to technology that is affordable, reliable, secure and well supported.

Lexel’s TAP is a complete program that incorporates the right end user device choice for the learning environment with easy purchasing and a comprehensive support structure.

Lexel work collaboratively with our partner schools to ensure our program is aligned with the schools culture, pedagogical philosophy, vision and values and that the program and technology are seamlessly integrated into the schools life.

Separately to TAP we can provide a Pedagogical Specialist to assist in professional development ensuring high quality learning outcomes, moderating content and developing curriculum resources to ensure the overall success of the technology deployment.

Once we understand the schools goals, applications, digital resource requirements, and training and development needs, we progress to are able to collectively identify suitable devices for all staff and students. levels and then ensure We are then able to provide those them at a great price direct to the schools community. Schools and tertiary institutions are one of the most varied and demanding environments for computing with mobility usually the key need.

Educational outcomes are still the key priority and any equipment failure can cause significant disruption for an individual or a wider class. The rigours of the environment are a key consideration when selecting technology and that anything chosen is designed and engineered to withstand the day-to-day stresses of school life.

Once appropriate devices are chosen we create a dedicated ordering portal allowing staff, students and parents to browse and order from the agreed product catalogue for the school with simple online payment options including credit card, bank transfer, Q Card and a competitive consumer finance option.

All units are provided with a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty complemented with further accidental damage coverage to protect the device form those unexpected breakages not normally covered by a standard warranty. A loan pool of units is provided at the school as part of the program to ensure a student is never without a device and are always able to digitally participate in schoolwork and activities.

Machines are rolled out with the school's software, image loaded and training days are offered to familiarise users with the machines, their functions and care prior to full use.

It's common for Lexel and our schools to run Parents Nights or Pop-Up Stores on campus to allow the school community to look at the equipment options and to engage with our specialist resources, asking questions and getting a hands-on exposure and to understand how the school intends to use the devices in class.

Lexel TAP – not just a PC but a total digital experience – learning accelerated by technology!

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